Commercial support services for small & medium sized businesses
Tender bids & proposals
Procurement - our technical experts can research & write your requirement specification Grant funding - let us help write a compelling case for R&D funding. FP7 our speciality! Raising finance - from Business Angels to banks we‘ll help with your business plan RFP’s & ITT’s - from managing a bid process to writing a technical us! 
Tenders and bids are often associated with projects where the potential risks and rewards are high. The investment in time can be significant for both buyers and sellers, and for small procurement departments and SME’s bidding for such work it is often difficult to dedicate a knowledgeable team to the task. Sales and Marketing Services can support tender and proposal teams for  procurement agencies and commercial bidders. We have many years of successful tendering experience and our knowledge covers the technical and commercial aspects of the process. For a procurement body we can help define technical requirement specifications by researching the market, studying your application, considering budgets along with the state-of-the-art. We can draw up lists of potential bidders and carry out pre- tender reviews of technology and services. For small businesses seeking funding from investors or grant funds we can help to develop a compelling business case, and target the right funds. Our experience includes successful pitches to business angels for early stage investment through to multi million pound grants to develop leading edge intellectual property through European funds and UK regional funds. When producing a commercial proposition and technical compliance statement small businesses simply don’t have the resources available to deliver a winning bid. Sales and Marketing Services can supplement your bid team with expertise to help write and present your proposals. To find out how Sales and Marketing Services can help with your tender proposals or assist your bid team please contact us for more information.
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